Dr. Tamara Kear, PhD, RN, CNN, FAAN

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American Nephrology Nurses' Association


Dr. Kear is the Executive Director for the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA), Past President for ANNA, and an Adjust Associate Professor at Villanova University.

Dr. Kear received her undergraduate nursing degree from Gwynedd-Mercy University and a PhD from Villanova University. She completed the Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist graduate program (MSN) at Thomas Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and was an advance practice nurse in the chronic dialysis and acute care setting for 13 years.

Dr. Kear has 30 years of clinical experience in the care of patients with kidney disease and is considered a nurse expert in the field of nephrology. She publishes and speaks on topics related to kidney failure and dialysis modalities. 

Dr. Kear has received extensive grant funding for her research on nurse and patient safety in nephrology/dialysis settings, hypertension self-management, and infection prevention related to dialysis. She developed a hypertension measure using the PatientsLikeMe platform. Dr. Kear is also the recipient of numerous awards for her hypertension and safety research and has been invited to serve on several committees including Kibow, Biotech Scientific Advisory Board, CMS's TEP on pediatric, PD and home dialysis, and the CDC Foundation's Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Stakeholder's Committee. Dr. Kear has been involved in RPA's initiatives related to patient and practitioner safety. In October 2019, Dr. Kear was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.